Hot Property | Mar. 11, 2012

Dick Clark’s ‘Flintstones House’ in Malibu

While this home might look like it belongs to Fred Flintstone, the stone-age inspired residence was actually owned by the late Dick Clark, a project he built for his wife. The home definitely looks like it was inspired by the … Continue reading


Clocktower Penthouse Apartment in Brooklyn New York 1

Clock Tower Penthouse Apartment in Brooklyn, New York

New York has no shortage of stunning penthouses, and it seems that we uncover a new one on a daily basis. Today brings us something extremely unique in the Brooklyn-based Clocktower Penthouse Apartment. Located in the trendy DUMBO neighborhood of … Continue reading


200 Square Foot Tiny House in Hawaii 1

200 Square Foot Tiny House in Hawaii

Tiny houses used to be something that were only entertained by a niche audience of DIYers looking for ways to simplify their lives. These days however, tiny homes have hit the mainstream, and projects like Jay Nelson’s Hawaiian shoebox dwelling … Continue reading


Elevated Timber WorkShop by Invisible Studio 0

Elevated Timber WorkShop by Invisible Studio

Maybe we’ve just got Dawn of the Planet of the Apes on the brain, but the idea of living or least working among the trees is increasingly a tempting one. Invisible Studio’s elevated timber structure only reinforces this desire. Situated … Continue reading


Dubais Mall Of The World Indoor City 1

Dubai’s Mall Of The World Indoor City

Mall of America? Ha. That’s cute. Check this out: Some ambitious planners in Dubai are looking to create the Mall of the World, a virtual indoor city if you will, and the details are wilder than anything you can find … Continue reading


Tree In The House in Almaty Kazakhstan 1

Tree In The House in Almaty, Kazakhstan

These days, tree houses built in the middle of nowhere are much more common. But a tree growing within a house, now that’s something we don’t see every day. Say hello to the aptly titled ‘Tree In The House.’ Led by … Continue reading


30-Year-Old Storage Unit Apartment in Stockholm 1

30-Year-Old Storage Unit Apartment in Stockholm

Just like the metros of Hong Kong and New York, the people of Stockholm are faced with the all too familiar problem of housing shortage – forcing residents to make due with much smaller spaces. And like many before her, Karin … Continue reading


Writers Shed in London 1

Writer’s Shed in London

It’s a known fact that many writers gain their inspiration from what’s around them. With that being said, we can only wonder what kind of whimsical tales are dreamed up in this quaint Writer’s Shed. Designed by the British studio … Continue reading


NBK Apartment by Bernard Khoury 0

NBK Apartment by Bernard Khoury

Covering badass bachelor pads on a regular basis, it takes a lot for us to get excited when it comes to apartments. Well that’s exactly what architect Bernard Khoury was able to do with the amazing NBK Residence. The famous … Continue reading


Worlds Best Bridges

The 39 Most Amazing Bridges In The World

Picture the scene. Africa, a young Neanderthal, lithe, hairy, fantastically fit, emerges from a clearing, makes his way down to a river, pauses, then runs nimbly across the dead tree that reaches from one side of the river to the … Continue reading