Casa Rambla in Zapallar City Chile 1

Casa Rambla In Zapallar City, Chile

Calling Casa Rambla a “weekend house” is kinda like calling a Ferrari a “weekend car.” Well, sure… for Warren Buffet, perhaps. But no matter how you slice it, this stunning structure located in Zapallar City, Chile, is a marvelous creation. … Continue reading


Karakoy Loft By Ofist 1

Karakoy Loft in Istanbul, Turkey

You tell us: Is a 45-year-old bachelor lonely or lucky? We say he’s lucky. At least in this case where such a man gets to live in the brilliantly designed Karakoy Loft by Ofist in Istanbul, Turkey. The longtime center … Continue reading


The River House in Serbia 1

The River House in Serbia

Just one glance at the aptly titled River House, and there’s absolutely no question where this little cottage gained its name. Located on the Drina River in Serbia, this home was originally built over 45 years ago. The house is … Continue reading


Greatest Buildings On Earth

23 Of The Greatest Buildings In The World

For the past three thousand years or more, people across the world have been designing and constructing amazing buildings. They are built for many different reasons: in homage to loved ones, as tombs for the dead, as homes to live … Continue reading


Modern Lake Cabin in Czech Republic 1

Modern Lake Cabin in Czech Republic

Looking to reinvent the traditional lakeside cottage, while still keeping things simple, the teams at FAM Architekti and Feilden+Mawson collaborated to design the Lake Cabin. Situated on a plot of land just outside of Prague, the small residence was built … Continue reading


$45 Million Private Disney Castle in Connecticut 0

$45 Million Private Disney Castle in Connecticut

Growing up in southern California, we’ve had an affinity for Disneyland since our early childhood days. Well into our adult lives, we still love the Magic Kingdom. Apparently so does Christopher Mark, as he built what would appear to be … Continue reading


Star Wars House in Korea 1

Star Wars House in Korea

While there is no specific reference to anything from the universe that George Lucas created, the ‘Star Wars‘ house was inspired by the greatest movie franchise of all time. Designed by the team at Moon Hoon, this science-fiction inspired dwelling … Continue reading


Cliff House Concept by Modscape 1

The Cliff House Concept

Grab your Cliff Bar, your cassette copy of Aerosmith’s ”Livin’ on the Edge,” and your Cheers postman outfit, then prepare to dangle precariously over the ocean in this concept house designed by architecture collective Modscape. An Australian couple daringly commissioned the … Continue reading


Toblerone House by StudioMK27 1

Toblerone House in Sao Paulo, Brazil

We’re not sure if Toblerone House in São Paulo, Brazil, has anything to do with the Toblerone Swiss chocolate bar, but we do know: Both are pretty sweet. South American architects StudioMK27 have created this dazzling and unique 590 square … Continue reading


4 Million Home With Stunning In-Home Garage 1

Car Collector’s $4 Million Home With Showroom Garage

You park the car and turn around for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th looks as you walk away. You sneak peeks outside your office window every hour to see how she’s doing. Yes, you’ve got it bad for your car; but not … Continue reading