$45 Million Private Disney Castle in Connecticut 0

$45 Million Private Disney Castle in Connecticut

Growing up in southern California, we’ve had an affinity for Disneyland since our early childhood days. Well into our adult lives, we still love the Magic Kingdom. Apparently so does Christopher Mark, as he built what would appear to be … Continue reading


Star Wars House in Korea 1

Star Wars House in Korea

While there is no specific reference to anything from the universe that George Lucas created, the ‘Star Wars‘ house was inspired by the greatest movie franchise of all time. Designed by the team at Moon Hoon, this science-fiction inspired dwelling … Continue reading


Cliff House Concept by Modscape 1

The Cliff House Concept

Grab your Cliff Bar, your cassette copy of Aerosmith’s ”Livin’ on the Edge,” and your Cheers postman outfit, then prepare to dangle precariously over the ocean in this concept house designed by architecture collective Modscape. An Australian couple daringly commissioned the … Continue reading


Toblerone House by StudioMK27 1

Toblerone House in Sao Paulo, Brazil

We’re not sure if Toblerone House in São Paulo, Brazil, has anything to do with the Toblerone Swiss chocolate bar, but we do know: Both are pretty sweet. South American architects StudioMK27 have created this dazzling and unique 590 square … Continue reading


4 Million Home With Stunning In-Home Garage 1

Car Collector’s $4 Million Home With Showroom Garage

You park the car and turn around for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th looks as you walk away. You sneak peeks outside your office window every hour to see how she’s doing. Yes, you’ve got it bad for your car; but not … Continue reading


Summer House Vestfold 2 in Norway 1

Summer House Vestfold 2 in Norway

Owning a summer home is a dream for many of us, and the Summer House Vesfold 2 on the coast of Vestfold  (southern part of Norway) is exactly what we had in mind. This amazing contemporary residence was designed by … Continue reading


Energy Efficient Dome Homes By Solaleya Designs 0

Energy Efficient Dome Homes by Solaleya Designs

It could’ve been the Astros, or maybe it was Pauly Shore’s Bio-Dome that turned people off to the idea of living in a dome, but we’re here to tell you this space-age concept is now ready for prime-time (and totally … Continue reading


Gulf Island Cabins by Osburn Clarke 1

Gulf Island Cabins by Osburn Clarke

We’re guessing you probably have no idea where the Gulf Islands of British Columbia are located; but doesn’t that make it an awesome vacation destination? Whether you’re looking to unplug, detox, cleanse, purify, chill, or just hide from “Big Tony,” … Continue reading


AL House in Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1

AL House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Feast your eyes upon one of the most stunning homes in not only Brazil, but the entire world. Meet the AL Rio de Janeiro. Nestled along the slopes of the Pedra da Gavea dome, this home is surrounded by lush … Continue reading


Recreational Island House by 2by4-architects 0

Recreational Island House by 2by4-architects

If it wasn’t cool enough to be in the Netherlands, situated somewhere on an island in the lake of Loosdrecht, it’s even cooler to be chillin in this Recreational Island House by 2b4-architects. This completely customized house interacts with the … Continue reading