Skate City Haderslev

StreetDome Skate Park in Denmark

How much money do cranky old men spend on “No Skateboarding” signs each year? Too much, as we see it. Perhaps instead of going the curmudgeon route, more city planners should take a page from the playbook of Haderslev, Denmark, who, … Continue reading


Bosco Verticale- Vertical Garden Apartments In Milan Italy 1

Bosco Verticale: Vertical Garden Apartments In Milan, Italy

Pretty cool concept being executed here in the historic Porta Nuova District in Milan, Italy. It’s called Bosco Verticale (means “vertical forest”), and it’s a new residential complex that takes the whole sustainable housing thing to a new level—literally. Italian architect … Continue reading


Zombie Fortification Cabin 0

Zombie Fortification Cabin

Zombies are just fictional creations, right? Surely no dead body could ever rise from the grave and seek out your tender neck flesh, right? Actually, we’re not sure (we flunked 10th grade Bio). So as we research this whole undead … Continue reading


Sol Duc Cabin

The Sol Duc Cabin in Seattle, Washington

Built for a couple that loves to get away on weekend fly fishing trips, the Sol Duc Cabin in Washington was designed by the talented team at Olson Kundig Architects. The weekend retreat needed to serve several needs for the … Continue reading


The Baleia Houses by Studio Arthur Casas 1

The Baleia Houses by Studio Arthur Casas

We couldn’t imagine anything more gorgeous than a beach bungalow in Brazil. Studio Arthur Casa agreed. In fact they agreed so much that the design team decided they wanted to build not just one, but four adjacent dwellings lining the … Continue reading


Hudson Woods 0

Hudson Woods

So you’ve got the Midtown apartment that you’re paying through the nose for, yet, ironically, it’s that same nose which you’re depriving of the kinds of fresh scents that can only come with scads of green grass and ancient trees. 100 … Continue reading


Jens Risoms Block Island Family Vacation Home 1

Jens Risom’s Block Island Cabin Retreat

Off the coast of Rhode Island, on Block Island, lies a beautiful little vacation home that’s been a family tradition for nearly 50 years. The original builder and renowned designer, Jens Risom, 97, has been getting it ready his family’s … Continue reading


432 Park Avenue- 95 Million Penthouse in New York City 1

432 Park Avenue: $95 Million Penthouse in New York City

Can you imagine living in Manhattan, and your view is looking down at the Empire State Building!? That’s the reality about to set in for at least some of the billionaires who will choose to call 432 Park Avenue – … Continue reading


Amchit Residence in Lebanon 1

Amchit Residence in Lebanon

Fighting for the crown of the baddest bachelor pad in Lebanon, the mind blowing Amchit Residence was designed by the team at Blankpage Architects. Located in Nahr el Mott, Lebanon, this home has everything you could ask for – right … Continue reading


Tilted Cube House by Atelier 8000 0

Tilted Cube House by Atelier 8000

Competition can bring out the best in people. Sure, sometimes it brings out a steroid-fueled, helmet-heaving tantrum, but in this case, with an international competition to design a lodge in Slovakia’s High Tatra Mountains, it has produced something extraordinary. Czech architectural … Continue reading