Tree Snake Houses in Portugal 0

Tree Snake Houses in Portugal

We’re gonna go ahead and say Portugal is a highly underrated vacation destination. With some fantastic history, scenery, and food, there’s lots to like. And now we can add one more thing to the list: these cool Tree Snake Houses. … Continue reading


Old Caviar Warehouse Turned Into New York City Loft 1

Old Caviar Warehouse Turned Into New York City Loft

If there’s any city that you might expect to find an old caviar and soap warehouse turned into a dazzling modern-day loft, it’s New York. But that still doesn’t lessen the beauty with which this apartment is now adorned. Designed … Continue reading


The Tiny Leaf House 1

The Tiny Leaf House Version 3

Tiny homes are a great way to setup shop in the middle of the great outdoors, but their stationary nature is their major downfall. The Leaf House is a portable tiny home that lets any man live like a nomad. … Continue reading


DomUp Suspension Style Treehouse Cabin 0

Dom’Up Suspension Style Treehouse Cabin

For many of us, the treehouse represents a golden period in our lives, when we unknowingly risked life and limb to scurry up a sturdy oak tree and read a dirty magazine in our non-OSHA-approved, dad-built treehouse. We’re happy to … Continue reading


Bunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise 1

Bunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise

How do you beat the bleak mid-winter feelings of the inevitable February funk? You plan a spring/summer vacation. If you wanna spend some time in Texas’ coolest city and help keep it weird, the Bunny Run Boat Dock in Austin … Continue reading


Flask Speakeasy Shanghai by Alberto Caiola 1

Flask Speakeasy Shanghai by Alberto Caiola

While we’re glad we didn’t have to suffer through the Prohibition era, we’ve always found something appealing about the speakeasies of the 1920s and 30s, with their stealthy styling and wink-wink word-out-mouth advertising. But there’s no way we were prepared … Continue reading


Concrete Bunker Vacation Home by B-ILD 1

Concrete Bunker Vacation Home by B-ILD

The Belgian architecture studio B-ILD has finally given you the chance to spend the night in an underground concrete bunker. Located near Fort Vuren, in the Netherlands, this bunker has been transformed into a fully furnished vacation home. Originally designed and built … Continue reading


Old Amsterdam Garage Turned Into Posh Bacehlor Pad 1

Amsterdam Garage Bachelor Pad by BRICKS

Amsterdam gets a lot of mentions for its Red Light District and the anything goes situation happening over there, but if you think this nook of the Netherlands doesn’t have its share of hard working, fully sober citizens, then check … Continue reading


Antoine Boulder-Shaped Cabin in Swiss Alps 0

Antoine Boulder-Shaped Cabin in Swiss Alps

To say someone “crawled out from under a rock,” is surely to slight their character. But to say someone “crawled out from a cabin disguised as giant boulder,” well, that can only mean this creation in the Swiss Alps, commissioned … Continue reading


Vipp Shelter 1

The Vipp Shelter

Bulding your own lakeside retreat is a massive effort. It takes time, effort, and probably dealing with a lot of guys named Hank who have a knack for going overbudget and ogling your wife. Bypass Hank and his posse of … Continue reading