Contemporary Casa RO Tapalpa Weekend Retreat (11)

Contemporary Casa RO Tapalpa Weekend Retreat

Designed as a “home away from home” the Casa RO Tapalpa residence resides in the beautiful forest area of Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico. Sometimes we just need to get away from it all, the noise, the stress, and all the hectic … Continue reading


Eco-Friendly Contemporary Residence in Montreal Canada (8)

Eco-Friendly Contemporary Residence in Montreal, Canada

As we head into the future, designers and architects are become increasingly concerned with building materials. Both are doing their best to build home that are not only stunning in design, but also have a small carbon footprint. The latest … Continue reading


Modern Concrete 24 Residence in Australia (10)

Modern Concrete 24 Residence in Australia

Although it’s far from the most extravagant bachelor pad we’ve featured, the 24 House by Dane Design is certainly one of our favorites when it comes to practical residences. This ultra sleek Australian residence features a cool grey facade that … Continue reading


Underground Hillside Homes in Luque Paraguay (10)

Underground Hillside Homes in Luque, Paraguay

The design team at BAUEN present their latest project in a set of two contemporary single family homes located in Luque, Paraguay. The designer and architects certainly thought outside of the box when constructing these two residences that lie adjacent … Continue reading


Contemporary Courtyard Residence in Gujarat India (24)

Contemporary Courtyard Residence in Gujarat, India

The contemporary home dubbed the “Courtyard House” by Hiren Patel Architects is nestled in the lush green landscape of Gujarat, India. The grounds for this home are neatly landscaped with the layered exterior of the courtyard based residence taking up … Continue reading


Modern Pit Residence in Japan (6)

Modern Masterpiece: Pit Residence in Japan

Created by UID Architects, this contemporary masterpiece is located in Tamano, Okayama, Japan and aptly titled “Pit House.” This custom Japanese home may seem completely circular from the inside, but on the exterior this residence looks to be a standard … Continue reading


Cantilevered Contemporary Beaumaris Residence in Melbourne Australia (5)

Cantilevered Contemporary Beaumaris Residence in Melbourne, Australia

Spearheaded by Drew Carling, Peter Maddison and Petra Mueller, the design team at Maddison Architects presents their latest project in the Beaumaris Residence residing in Melbourne, Australia. Although we’ve encountered some incredible houses over the past few years, the architecture … Continue reading


Contemporary Rustic La Muna Residence in Aspen Colorado (9)

Contemporary Rustic La Muna Residence in Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado is where the wealthy go to play during the winter. A beautiful, affluent city in the remote area o the Rocky Mountains’ Sawatch Range, Aspen also has plenty to do for tourists including great restaurants, shopping, and of … Continue reading


Pearly Valley 334 Golf Course Residence in Cape Town South Africa (10)

Pearl Valley 334 Golf Course Residence in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa is an area that has become quite known for their incredibly crafted contemporary residences. The latest offering comes to us from the design team at Antoni Associates in the Pearl Valley 334 Residence. The home was … Continue reading


Contemporary Rock Residence in Chile by UN Arquitectura (9)

Contemporary Rock Residence in Chile by UN Arquitectura

The aptly titled Rock Residence is the latest project to be introduced by the design team at UN Arquitectura. The contemporary home resides in the Santo Domingo beach resort within the central region of Chile. The multi level home is … Continue reading