Machine Shop Converted Bachelor Pad in Italy 00

Machine Shop Converted Bachelor Pad in Italy

We are constantly scouring the web for the best bachelor pads on the planet, and our latest discovery takes us all the way to northern Italy in a conversion project that is downright stunning. Located in the center of Bologna, … Continue reading


Car Park House By Anonymous Architects 1

Car Park House By Anonymous Architects

Do you cherish your car? Like when some insensitive lout says “Bros before hoes!” do you feel the need to speak up and correct him: “No, friend. That’s AUTOS before bros, and then, if you must, hoes.” Even if you’re not that … Continue reading


Rolling Huts Accomodations In Washington 1

Rolling Huts Accommodations In Washington

As time marches it on, it appears the definition of ‘roughing it’ is softening up a bit. A blanket and bottle opener may have been enough to hike into the woods with 50 years ago, but these days much more is … Continue reading


Nike CEO Mark Parkers Office Tour 1

Nike CEO Mark Parker’s Office Tour

Since 2006, Mark Parker has helmed the Swoosh, becoming the third ever CEO to run the behemoth footwear label. Of course running a creative company like Nike, one would expect an equally creative office space, and Parker certainly delivers. In … Continue reading


Gallery House by GM Arquitectos 1

Gallery House in Pereira, Colombia

GM Arquitectos brings us the magnificent Gallery House, an environmentally sound home that looks like it was designed for the ultimate season of the The Real World. Thankfully, MTV has never set its sights on Pereira, Colombia. This 500-sq.-meter (about … Continue reading


Pinterest Headquarters in San Francisco 1

Pinterest Headquarters in San Francisco

Watching the growth of Pinterest over the years has been impressive to say the least. The company skyrocketed to success, quickly expanding month after month. Of course to house all this rapid expansion, the brand decided it was time to … Continue reading


Hivehaus Flat-Packed Modular Home 1

Hivehaus Flat-Packed Modular Home

There’s been a lot of coverage recently about bees dying—sad stuff. Not good. But if you’re not yet ready to donate to the cause (not while strip clubs still exist, my friend), perhaps you can show some solidarity by living … Continue reading


Frank Sinatras New York City Penthouse 1

Frank Sinatra’s New York City Penthouse

Say the name ‘Sinatra’ to most people and it conjures up a host of images: singer; actor; Rat Packer. But ‘shrewd real estate tycoon’ is not one of them. Maybe it should be. Frank Sinatra‘s self-designed 3,200 square foot New York City penthouse is … Continue reading


Sustainable Floating House Concept 00

Sustainable Floating House Concept

Designed by Singapore-based architect Dymitr Malcew, the sustainable floating house is the perfect way to get away from all the daily stresses one experiences living in an urban environment. This house literally floats on the water, and thanks to the … Continue reading


APH80 Portable House by Abaton Studio 1

APH80 Portable House by Abaton Studio

With the ability to live anywhere you could ever dream, the APH80 tiny home is completely portable, but still provides everything one would need to live. Designed by the Spanish design team at Abaton, this one bedroom, 300 square foot … Continue reading