The Hovenring- Worlds First Suspended Bicycle Roundabout 1

The Hovenring: World’s First Suspended Bicycle Roundabout

Did you ever think that if U.S. roads had bicycle lanes wider than our belts, that our belts might not be as wide? If you crave the kind of self-powered, open air freedom that only a pair of pedals can provide, grab your … Continue reading


Eagle Point Tiny Cabin in Washington 1

Eagle Point Tiny Cabin in Washington

After being included in our list of the best tiny homes on the planet, we decided to highlight one of our personal favorites from the feature in the Eagle Point tiny cabin. What it lacks in size, it more than … Continue reading


Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada 1

Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada

If you’re in search of the ultimate boat house to get away for the weekend, we’ve got just the place for you. Designed by Christopher Simmonds, this contemporary abode is the perfect weekend retreat. Located in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada, … Continue reading


Modern Villa F Residence in Greece 1

Modern Villa F Residence in Greece

James Bond may have all the best gadgetry, but when it comes to the digs, the Bond villains most certainly have the upper hand. A serious contender for the perfect Bond villain home, the Villa F residence is located right … Continue reading


Selgas Cano Architecture Office in the Woods of Madrid 00

Selgas Cano Architecture Office in the Woods of Madrid

Whether your view at the office is of another cubicle, a wall, or even a panoramic look at your city, there’s no way you’ll ever see a snake slithering by at eye-level. But that’s exactly what the workers at this … Continue reading


Vertical Glass House in Shanghai 1

Vertical Glass House in Shanghai

If — while eating dinner — you’ve ever wondered if you were out of toilet paper, consider the Vertical Glass House in Shanghai by Chinese firm Atelier FCJZ. See, the entire house has glass floors instead of windows, so one … Continue reading


Best Tiny Houses

15 Tiny Houses To Simplify Your Life

They say bigger is better. While that might be true for some aspects of life, when it comes to houses, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Tiny houses have literally taken over these past few years, and the “trend” … Continue reading


The Black Desert House in Joshua Tree California 00

The Black Desert House in Joshua Tree, California

Designed as a collaboration project bwetween Marc Atlan Design and Oller & Pejic Architects, the aptly titled Black Desert House is one of the most picturesque residences we’ve ever encountered. Modern, streamlined, and equipped with a black tiled swimming pool … Continue reading


The Pierre

The Pierre Camouflage Concrete House in Washington

It’s not that we don’t love living in the city, but sometimes we’d like the opportunity to get away from it all. You know settle down in a mountainous landscape, but without doing away with the modern design elements that … Continue reading


Blob VB3 Mobile House 1

Blob VB3 Mobile House

It’s called the Blob VB3, but it kinda looks like the thing Robin Williams used to pop out of when he was Mork from Ork. And any housing structure that inspires a Mork and Mindy reference clearly is choosing the … Continue reading