NFL Headquarters in Manhattan New York 0

Office Tour: NFL Headquarters in Manhattan, New York

While we love us some Sunday and Monday Night Football (we never really bought into the idea of paying our cable provider extra money for Thursday night games), we’ve also never given too much thought to the workplace of the … Continue reading


Michael Jordans 29 Million Chicago 0

Michael Jordan’s $29 Million Chicago Mansion Up For Auction

The greatest player in the history of the NBA is looking to sell his lavish Highland Park, Illinois home, and Michael Jordan’s people have decided that the best way to do that is to hold an auction. His Royal Airness … Continue reading


Beverly Hills Bachelor Pad by Michael Palumbo 1

Beverly Hills Bachelor Pad by Michael Palumbo

If there was an award for the greatest bachelor pad on Earth, this Beverly Hills masterpiece would certainly be a contender for the title. 1201 Laurel Way is a modern mansion designed by Michael Palumbo and his team of architects. … Continue reading


Nike London Headquarters by Rosie Lee 1

Nike London Headquarters by Rosie Lee

Powerhouse footwear label Nike has just completely redesigned their London headquarters, and while it doesn’t quite share the same wow effect of their Beaverton, Oregon headquarters, the London based HQ is stunning to say the least. Nike decided to enlist … Continue reading

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Abandoned Underwater Strip Club in Israel 1

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club in Israel

Photos of abandoned buildings have always fascinated us, but of all the deserted spaces we’ve seen in the past, nothing has measured up to the awesomeness of this abandoned underwater strip club. Many times when buildings are left to decay, … Continue reading


Ultra Sleek Singapore Residence by Hyla Architects 1

Ultra Sleek Singapore Residence by Hyla Architects

Singapore has become quite known for their contemporary architectural feats, particularly within the residential sector, and this ultra sleek bachelor pad is among our favorites. Designed and built by the Singapore based team at Hyla Architects, this modern marvel is … Continue reading


1 5 Million Ferris Bueller Ferrari House 1

$1.5 Million Ferris Bueller Ferrari House

Even though it’s been over 25 years since the 1986 release of the classic comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, we will never forget Cameron’s badass glass house (the one where he accidentally knocked the Ferrari off the jack, sending it … Continue reading


Steve McQueens 7 4 Million Pioneer Moon Rach in Idaho 1

Steve McQueen’s $7.4 Million Pioneer Moon Ranch in Idaho

We’ve all dreamed of owning a property in the middle of nowhere. Looking out the window to see sprawling green mountains, tall trees, and plenty of wild life. While we’re sure there are much cheaper ways to achieve this dream, … Continue reading


Google Tokyo Office Space

Google Tokyo Office Space

Sometimes we start getting deja vu with all of the Google office spaces crossing our desks each week. Literally a day after unveiling their Dublin based headquarters, the search giant gives us a behind the scenes look at their equally … Continue reading


Contemporary Stand Residence in Orange County California

Contemporary Stand Residence in Orange County, California

As southern California residents ourselves, we can assure that there is no shortage of immaculate bachelor pads lining the Pacific Ocean’s coast. Located in Orange County, the modern Strand Residence is a perfect example of this. The home resides just … Continue reading