Hood Canal Boat House Cabin in Washington 0

1950s Boat House Cabin in Washington

Built by the architectural team at the Seattle based Bosworth Hoedemaker, this tiny little Hood Canal cabin is the ultimate weekend getaway. What was once an old 1950s boat storage has now been completely revamped into the tiny home you … Continue reading


Whangapoua Mobile Beach Hut in New Zealand 1

Whangapoua Beach Hut in New Zealand

Those whip-smart New Zealanders. Not only were they smart enough to let Peter Jackson film all his Lord of the Rings movies there, they’re also wise about their beach houses. Take this elegant hut in Coromandel, New Zealand. Architects Crosson … Continue reading


ESCAPE Luxury RV Cabin 0

ESCAPE Luxury RV Cabin

Yes you read that right. While this looks like a beautiful one bedroom cottage, it’s actually a cleverly designed RV. Introducing ESCAPE. Designed by architect Kelly Davis, the project was inspired by the iconic work of Frank Lloyd Wright – … Continue reading


Lake Joseph Boathouse in New York 1

Lake Joseph Boathouse in New York

Despite what the movies portray, a cabin in the woods need not be a source of terror. Sometimes an isolated spot in the wilderness can capture a chilled-out vibe like no other place on earth. Witness this poignantly picturesque wooden … Continue reading


Best Shipping Container Homes

The 15 Greatest Shipping Container Homes on the Planet

Believe it or not, there was a time when shipping container homes seemed like nothing more than a novel idea. While many saw the sustainability benefits from building a home with recycled shipping containers, most thought they looked much too … Continue reading


Wheelhaus Mobile Luxury Cabin 1

Wheelhaus Mobile Luxury Cabin

Tiny houses have become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years, and handy men have been all over the trend, building tiny home after tiny home on every continent across the globe. What about those of us that would like to … Continue reading


Sustainable Pine Tree-Shaped Houses 0.

Sustainable Pine Tree-Shaped Houses

The treehouse you had when you were 8 — the one with the secret stash of Playboys and Big League Chew shreds strewn about — may still hold a nostalgic soft spot in your heart, but it’s just not plausible for actual living. Architect Konrad Wójcik has … Continue reading


Villa Amanzi Residence in Phuket Thailand 1

Villa Amanzi Residence in Phuket, Thailand

We’re not sure if it was Vice City or San Andreas or even GTA V at this point, but doesn’t this house look just like the final crib you land at the end of a Grand Theft Auto game? But this palace is … Continue reading


The Hovenring- Worlds First Suspended Bicycle Roundabout 1

The Hovenring: World’s First Suspended Bicycle Roundabout

Did you ever think that if U.S. roads had bicycle lanes wider than our belts, that our belts might not be as wide? If you crave the kind of self-powered, open air freedom that only a pair of pedals can provide, grab your … Continue reading


Eagle Point Tiny Cabin in Washington 1

Eagle Point Tiny Cabin in Washington

After being included in our list of the best tiny homes on the planet, we decided to highlight one of our personal favorites from the feature in the Eagle Point tiny cabin. What it lacks in size, it more than … Continue reading