Secret Hemloft Treehouse Cabin in Canada 1

Secret Hemloft Treehouse Cabin in Canada

What started off as a secret treehouse project by Joel Allen has become the inspiration for treehouse cabins all around the globe. After featuring this thing on our list of the greatest treehouses, we thought it was time to shine … Continue reading


Exbury Egg Floating House in England 1

Exbury Egg Floating House in England

We’ve proven many a times that collaborations between several designers always lead to the most creative projects. The Exbury Egg floating house proves that notion to still ring true. Designer Stephen Turner has teamed up with the likes of SPUD … Continue reading


Cliff-Top Beach House in Chile 0

Cliff-Top Beach House in Chile

If you asked us to describe the perfect beach house, this cliff-top cottage located in the beach city of Buchupureo would certainly be a top contender. To create such an awesome dwelling, architects Alvaro Ramirez and Clarisa Elton had to … Continue reading


Recycled Shipping Container Guest House in Texas 1

Recycled Shipping Container Guest House in Texas

After exploring some of the best shipping container homes on the planet, we figured now was the perfect time to shine the spotlight one of our personal favorites – the Shipping Container Guest House. Nested in Stacey Hill’s backyard of … Continue reading


Mighty Mouse Apartment 1

Mighty Mouse Apartment

Mighty Mouse hasn’t graced a TV screen in what, 30 years? Yet somehow most people still know who you’re talking about when the little rodent is referenced. So if the situation calls for lots of power in a little package, … Continue reading


House For A Photographer In Pontypridd Wales 1

House For A Photographer In Pontypridd, Wales

Built in 2011 by Hyde+Hyde Architects, this boldly designed home in Pontypridd, Wales, has been dubbed “House for a Photographer.” While that little bit of careerism excludes us from living there, we still can’t help but praise the unique style … Continue reading


The Pole House In Fairhaven Australia 00

The Pole House In Fairhaven, Australia

Everything in Australia is over the top; from the Fosters-chugging great whites to the amazing panache that they build opera houses with. If a trip down under is on your agenda, you might as well go all out and book … Continue reading


Hawk House in California 1

Hawk House in California

If you’re really looking to be one with the elements, then you might want to take a look at this green-roofed tiny home known as the Hawk House. Nestled high in the mountains of central California, this tiny little dwelling … Continue reading


30000 Hand Built Tiny Home in California 1

$30,000 Hand Built Tiny Home in California

Living in southern California ourselves, we know all too well just how out of hand real estate prices are getting. Fellow California based web designer Alek Lisefski decided he was sick and tired of it, and built this tiny house. … Continue reading


The Naked House In Koh Samui Thailand 1

The Naked House In Koh Samui, Thailand

The Naked House sounds like the kind of place where you’d really hope the owner was female, maybe between the ages of 20 and 30. Turns out the Naked House is the property of architectural photographer Marc Gerritsen; but don’t … Continue reading