Locomotive Ranch Trailer Residence in Texas 1

Locomotive Ranch Trailer Residence in Texas

Cherished possessions are an entirely subjective matter, ranging from Star Wars memorabilia to your gun collection, and a whole lot in between. For Andre Hinman Architecture’s client, that cherished possession was a streamlined aluminum trailer, and what the design team … Continue reading


Draculas Castle Now Up For Sale 1

‘Dracula’s Castle’ Now Up For Sale

We’re just trying to picture the Craigslist ad for Bran Castle, commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, which is now up for sale. It can’t be an easy one to write, but it’d be fun as hell to read: “New listing: … Continue reading


Refuge Gervasutti Alpine Hut by LEAPfactory 1

Refuge Gervasutti Alpine Hut by LEAPfactory

Are you finding your weekend getaways at the Ramada Inn lacking just a little bit in the adrenalin department? Our advice is either fill the hotel pool with barracudas and Jell-O, or spend a night at New Refuge Gervasutti. What’s … Continue reading


Casa Klotz Cabin in Chile 1

Casa Klotz Cabin in Chile

Every time we think we’ve seen the coolest cabins on the planet, another one hits our email inbox. If you told us we would fall in love with a box-shaped cabin, we probably wouldn’t believe you. Then again, we had … Continue reading


Rustic Modern Vacation Home In Jackson Hole Wyoming 1

Rustic Modern Vacation Home in Wyoming

Wyoming only has 583,000 people in it, so figuring out who the coolest neighbor is in the entire state probably shouldn’t take too long. OK, we’ve got it. It’s Clay Heighten and his wife, Debra Caudy, the owners of this … Continue reading


North of the Sun Cabin in Norway 1

North of the Sun Cabin in Norway

To most people, the idea of roughing it for nine months in Norway, let alone nine months in a remote and uninhabited bay in the Lofoten Islands, sounds both silly and suicidal. To Norwegian surfers Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum, … Continue reading


Aviators Villa in New York 1

Aviator’s Villa in New York

Even though we cover some of the most beautiful dwellings on Earth, it’s not too often that we encounter homes that really break the mold of traditional design. The Aviator’s Villa is just that – an outside of the box … Continue reading


Green Lantern Residence In San Antonio Texas 1

Green Lantern Residence In San Antonio, Texas

Much cooler than Ryan Reynolds in spandex, the Green Lantern Residence in the Alamo Heights neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas, is an ecologically-minded, 4,000 square-foot home that’s obviously quite pleasing to the eyeballs. Architect John Grable handled the design, putting … Continue reading


Buck Creek House In Big Sur California 1

Buck Creek House In Big Sur, California

We’ve triple checked this, because at first it didn’t seem right, but apparently the design of this beautiful three bedroom home by Fougeron Architecture in Big Sur, California, was inspired by… the banana slug. Buck Creek House is tucked into … Continue reading


False Bay Writers Cabin in Washington 1

False Bay Writer’s Cabin in Washington

Whether it’s a curious bear looking for food or a couple of nogoodniks looking for your cash and belongings, a quiet cabin in the woods is never truly safe from intruders. It’s with that harsh reality in mind that the … Continue reading