Aluminum Cabin in Vestfold Norway 1

Aluminum Cabin in Vestfold, Norway

Architects are continuing to get more creative when it comes to building materials. We’ve seen just about everything one could think of, but when it comes to personal homes, this is the first time we’ve encountered an aluminum cabin. Built … Continue reading


Pond Treehouse in Uslar Germany  1

Pond Treehouse in Uslar, Germany

Dads everywhere, prepare for a massive jolt of inadequateness. German architect baumraum has taken the term “treehouse” – often used to describe a little hut in the backyard made out of a few 2x4s – and turned it into a … Continue reading


Slävik, Träpriset 20129-2011

The Slavik Summer Houses

Summer homes all have a certain air about them. If they aren’t open to the elements or integrated with the nature on site– chances are that it isn’t somewhere we will be spending our Summer holiday. Swedish architect Mats Fahlender and … Continue reading


BuzzFeed Los Angeles Office By JIDK 1

BuzzFeed Los Angeles Office By JIDK

One doesn’t just “come up” with amazing articles and memes about what it’s like to grow up in the 90s, which Lord of the Rings character you are, or the “22 Signs You Love Scandal.” One must first get waist-deep … Continue reading


Elvis Presleys Honeymoon House in Palm Springs For Sale 1

Elvis Presley’s $9.5 Million Honeymoon House in Palm Springs

Fans of the late great Elvis Presley can now own a bit of history right here in southern California. The Altman Brothers have teamed up to sell the music superstar’s honeymoon estate in beautiful Palm Springs. This mid-century modern masterpiece … Continue reading


The Garage In Seattle Washington 1

The Garage in Seattle, Washington

A garage can be a place for cars, tools, or junk. With the Garage in Seattle, we’re seeing how it can be much more. Design studio Graypants is led by Seth Grizzle and Jon Junker, and this is their debut: … Continue reading


Iniala Beach House In Phuket Thailand 1

Iniala Beach House In Phuket, Thailand

We’ve decided it’s time to make a Phuket list after seeing this saliva-inducing hotel and restaurant by architectural studio A-cero, located on the coast of Natai Beach in Phuket, Thailand. You can treat your senses to any of the 10 … Continue reading


Secret Hemloft Treehouse Cabin in Canada 1

Secret Hemloft Treehouse Cabin in Canada

What started off as a secret treehouse project by Joel Allen has become the inspiration for treehouse cabins all around the globe. After featuring this thing on our list of the greatest treehouses, we thought it was time to shine … Continue reading


Exbury Egg Floating House in England 1

Exbury Egg Floating House in England

We’ve proven many a times that collaborations between several designers always lead to the most creative projects. The Exbury Egg floating house proves that notion to still ring true. Designer Stephen Turner has teamed up with the likes of SPUD … Continue reading


Cliff-Top Beach House in Chile 0

Cliff-Top Beach House in Chile

If you asked us to describe the perfect beach house, this cliff-top cottage located in the beach city of Buchupureo would certainly be a top contender. To create such an awesome dwelling, architects Alvaro Ramirez and Clarisa Elton had to … Continue reading