Collingwood Shepherd Hut by Gute 1

Collingwood Shepherd Hut by Gute

Blending modern and rugged aesthetics seamlessly, the Collingwood Shepherd Hut is the perfect tiny home for those men looking to live the nomad life. Not quite road-ready, but still mobile (thanks to those wagon-like cast iron wheels on all four … Continue reading


Eco-Efficient Tiny Texas Compound 0

Eco-Efficient Tiny Texas Compound

When you’re a kid, getting together with your friends can happen anywhere; a sleepover, a treehouse, a baseball dugout, you name it. But once adulthood arrives, it gets so much tougher to keep the ties that bind from fraying. But … Continue reading


Nahahum Cabin by Balance Associates 1

Nahahum Cabin by Balance Associates

More than just your typical cabin in the woods, the Nahahum Cabin is a modern marvel nestled within the rolling hills of the Pacific Northwest. Located in Cashmere, Washington (about two hours from Seattle), this wood-framed wonder was designed by … Continue reading


Prefabricated Outdoor Studios by Inoutside 1

Prefabricated Outdoor Studios by Inoutside

Whether you’re longing for a man cave, guest space, home office, gym or just need a space to hear yourself think, these Inoutside studios will fit the bill. Though most commonly we hear that outdoor living space comes at a … Continue reading


The Garden Shed by Avanto Architects

There’s nothing like escaping our hectic lives to connect with nature, and there are few better ways we can imagine doing that than in this gorgeous Garden Shed. Finnish designer Linda Bergoth was looking for that same weekend retreat, and … Continue reading


Looping Car Collector Home In Denmark 1

Looping Car Collector Home In Denmark

For true auto enthusiasts, the driveway is one of the most important features of a home. So what about making an entire house basically just one big driveway? That’s what’s happening in Ålborg, Denmark, and it’s shaping up to be … Continue reading


Noem Prefabricated Eco Modular Homes 1

Noem Prefabricated Eco Modular Homes

Calling Noem the Chipotle of homebuilding might not be the analogy they’re looking for, but we mean it in the best sense. Both brands pride themselves on being fast, efficient, and with a focus on natural and sustainable materials. But forget burritos … Continue reading


Urban Treehouse by Baumraum 1

Urban Treehouse by Baumraum

Berlin, home to some 3.5 million Germans, is a pretty busy city. So imagine the surprise you’d get if you stumbled across one of these new urban treehouses by Baumraum. The Urban Treehouse isn’t quite a pure treehouse – it’s supported … Continue reading


Micro Lofts At The Arcade Providence 1

Micro Lofts At The Arcade Providence

Shopping malls are quickly becoming a thing of the past, fighting to stay relevant in a world full of things like Amazon Dash. Many retail tenants simply jump ship, until the mall becomes 100 percent vacant, and ends up being … Continue reading


Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo Norway 0

Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo, Norway

With the miserable winter of 2015 behind us now, it’d be tough for anything to make us yearn for more snow anytime soon. But this AirBnB penthouse situated at the top of a ski jump in Oslo, Norway, comes pretty … Continue reading