Vipp Shelter 1

The Vipp Shelter

Bulding your own lakeside retreat is a massive effort. It takes time, effort, and probably dealing with a lot of guys named Hank who have a knack for going overbudget and ogling your wife. Bypass Hank and his posse of … Continue reading


The Worlds Largest Starbucks in Seattle Washington 1

The World’s Largest Starbucks in Seattle, Washington

The coffee giant we all know and love has returned to its hometown to build out the world’s largest Starbucks store to date, and it’s a thing of beauty. Birthed at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington back in 1971, … Continue reading


Grotto Sauna by Partisans Studio 1

Grotto Sauna by Partisans Studio

Saunas aren’t typically praised for their forward thinking design, but the team at Partisans Studio decided to change all that with their Grotto Sauna. Nestled on a giant rock formation along the edge of a private island just north of … Continue reading


85 Million 1181 North Hillcrest Residence in Los Angeles 0

$85 Million 1181 North Hillcrest Residence in Beverly Hills

We hear people say all the time that no expense was spared on their redesign/renovation projects. Most of the time the finished product is pretty nice, but the owner of 1181 North Hillcrest Avenue wanted to really push the phrase … Continue reading


Heirloom- Custom Tiny Homes on Wheels 0

Heirloom: Custom Tiny Homes on Wheels

With people continuously looking for ways to simplify their lives, it’s really no surprise to see just how popular tiny homes have become. While there are many of us that don’t mind building our own, we also understand that not … Continue reading


Ferrari Headquarters in Maranello Italy 1

Ferrari Headquarters in Maranello, Italy

Since its early 1900s inception, Ferrari has been blessing the world with the most luxurious sports cars ever assembled. Thanks to photographer Luca Locatelli, we now get a behind the scenes look at how each of these glorious automobiles is … Continue reading


Skate City Haderslev

StreetDome Skate Park in Denmark

How much money do cranky old men spend on “No Skateboarding” signs each year? Too much, as we see it. Perhaps instead of going the curmudgeon route, more city planners should take a page from the playbook of Haderslev, Denmark, who, … Continue reading


Bosco Verticale- Vertical Garden Apartments In Milan Italy 1

Bosco Verticale: Vertical Garden Apartments In Milan, Italy

Pretty cool concept being executed here in the historic Porta Nuova District in Milan, Italy. It’s called Bosco Verticale (means “vertical forest”), and it’s a new residential complex that takes the whole sustainable housing thing to a new level—literally. Italian architect … Continue reading


Zombie Fortification Cabin 0

Zombie Fortification Cabin

Zombies are just fictional creations, right? Surely no dead body could ever rise from the grave and seek out your tender neck flesh, right? Actually, we’re not sure (we flunked 10th grade Bio). So as we research this whole undead … Continue reading


Sol Duc Cabin

The Sol Duc Cabin in Seattle, Washington

Built for a couple that loves to get away on weekend fly fishing trips, the Sol Duc Cabin in Washington was designed by the talented team at Olson Kundig Architects. The weekend retreat needed to serve several needs for the … Continue reading