LEGO-Compatible Furniture

LEGOs were the cornerstones of many of our childhoods. Our joy in playing with them was only matched by the dismay of our parents when we would invariably fail to return them to their box. No longer will those sharp little building blocks be strewn across playroom floors like multicolored bear-traps for Dad to step on. Thanks to Studio NINE and Corian, LEGOs can now be integrated artfully (and painlessly) into your family’s home with their new LEGO-compatible furniture.

Created by a high-end Italian design house, this unique invention is intended to unblock you and your children’s creative energy. The surface of the furniture is made of a corian material and ribbed with LEGO-studs on all sides, offering three dimensions of canvas on which to create. Kids will love it, but the building blocks that shaped our childhoods don’t come with an upper age limit (the label says 4+).¬†LEGO-compatible furniture offers a casual medium for people of all ages to be sculptors.¬†Aside from the fun it furnishes, it also offers a unique functionality. Complete customizability, from color to contour, provides an infinite variety of potential looks, to gel with any home’s interior. A creative pastime comes built into this modular furniture, and unlike the jigsaw puzzles they sell at IKEA, the assembly is the best part. Rediscover your inner artist, architect, or your inner child with LEGO-compatible furniture.

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