Sealver Jet Ski-Powered Wave Boat 525

At first glance, you may not be quite sure what to make of this little aquatic speedster. Initially, it may appear like an ordinary wakeboarding boat, but studying the Wave 525 a little more reveals it’s true nature. That is, a recreational watercraft powered by a jet ski.

Think of it as a forward extension of your standard jet ski where the ski’s jet propulsion system becomes the newly extended boat’s primary motor. Here, the Wave 525 boasts enough room for up to 6 people to enjoy an afternoon on the water and features an overall length of about 17 feet and a max speed of 45 knots. Additionally, the Wave Boat comes with an awning extension for sun protection on those sultry afternoons and is compatible with both Sea-Doo and Yamaha personal watercraft. Best of all, thanks to the lack of a propeller system, you can cruise around shallow shoals, and even beach the entire boat for the day without worry.

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