Felix Gray Blue Light Eyewear

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It’s no secret that Americans are spending more and more time in front of screens these days. From work to smart phone usage to the occasional Netflix binge, combined we sometimes spend up to 11 hours looking at these screens. It’s no wonder then, why Digital Eye Strain is increasing at such a rapid rate.

Luckily Felix Gray offers a fashionable line of eyewear to provide relief and protection from this potentially harmful stimuli. And, not only do each of their several silhouettes protect your eyes against the damaging blue light emitted from the majority of digital devices but they look like normal prescription eye glasses as well. In fact, they come with premium smudge and scratch resistant lenses, barrel hinges to provide extra stability, and a handmade Italian acetate construction. Together, they help prevent headaches and blurred vision that’s common amongst those with Digital Eye Strain. Available now.

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