Yaket Ice Pack

Despite what your local ordinances or laws may say – cans of beer are made for enjoying outside. They’re the perfect way to enjoy a beer on a picnic, at the beach, or in your own back yard. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a little more trouble than it is worth to keep these cans cool. Thankfully, Yaket Ice is here to help.

These large, molded ice packs are designed specifically for strapping a 6-pack of beer or soda to. Rather than worry about buying a bunch of ice to throw in your cooler – just pull this out of the freezer, and strap your cans to it. The large, hefty rubber band pulls the cans close to the ice-pack – cooling them down faster. And because this pack weighs in at over 3 pounds and uses a coolant gel that freezes at 5-degrees Fahrenheit (most free at 32) it’ll also keep all of your beer cooler for longer.

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