Victorinox Spartan PS Swiss Army Knife

Literally everything Victorinox makes is worth at least a second glance – and we firmly believe everyone should own at least one of their Swiss Army Knives. If you don’t and you’ve been waiting for the right one to come out, the new Spartan PS is a perfect opportunity.

This knife is stellar on its own – offering 13+ tool functions including two blades, tweezers, a toothpick, screwdrivers, a cork screw, both bottle and can openers, and more. But this one is extra special because of a new premium finish, called Polispectral, that changes shade depending upon how the light hits it. From dark gray to anthracite, the unique shimmering and mirror-smooth surfaces of this pocket knife’s tools give it major style points. It’s available with either black or white scales and sells for $69.

Purchase: $69

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