Lightning LS-218 All-Electric Superbike

Though the technology is relatively new, there are a lot of folks out there making electric motorcycles already. So it takes quite a bit to stand out. Being the greatest at something is usually the best way to get noticed. Take, for instance, the Lightning LS-218 all-electric superbike – it’s the best at going fast.

There was a time when the Lightning LS-218 was actually the fast production bike, period – electric or gas – until it was narrowly beat out on the Bonneville Salt Flats by a Kawasaki H2R. But calling that bike a “production motorcycle” is a bit of a stretch, since it isn’t even street-legal. This one is – and it has a top speed of 218 mph, 200 horsepower, and produces 168 foot-pounds of torque. And, since it’s all-electric, you can get your kicks on it without polluting the environment or breaking the bank. Not bad for a two-wheeler that starts at $38,888.

Purchase: $38,888+

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