Humanscale Design Manual Reissue

When designers sit down and start on a project, one of the first things they have to consider is who the user will be. How large are their hands? What is the length of their reach? The width of their shoulders? The answer to these questions all play a critical role in the finished product, and one of the best ways to answer them is with the Humanscale Manual.

Originally published in 1974 by industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, these three booklets and nine selector charts break down all of the different measurements of the human body and how it relates to its surroundings. For a long time now, these books have been out of print and hard to come by. And even if you did find one – they go for the steep price of $700. But now, thanks to the design team at Chicago’s IA Collaborative, a new Kickstarter has been launched to raise the funds to once again circulate this important resource. The re-publishing will be done right here in the U.S., and will utilize all of the same materials originally laid out by Dreyfuss. And most importantly? You won’t have to sell everything you own in order to purchase one.

Kickstarter: $79+

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