HUB Grill

Heston Blumenthal isn’t just any old chef. Not only has the man been cooking at the highest level for decades, but he owns a three Michelin star restaurant. So when Blumenthal announced that he was going to make his the HUB Grill, people paid attention. And for good reason.

This thing is essentially every grill master’s dream come true. It uses a Fast Flame Ignition System that gets your charcoal smoking-hot in just 7 minutes. Not only that, but the grill keeps that charcoal at the optimum temperature the entire time you’re flipping patties or grilling steaks. Looking for something a little more adventurous than hot-dogs and burgers? The Hub has a simple telescoping rotisserie hidden in plain view for roasting a pig, chicken, or lamb. Maintenance is also made easy with the Hub thanks to an easy to clean charcoal tray and porcelain enamel firebox.

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