Bisate Lodge Wilderness Safari Villas

The best buildings and homes consider their context. Rather than trying to stand by themselves as individual structures, they engage in a conversation with their surrounding environment and even with the past. The villas at the Bisate Lodge check both of those boxes.

These unique hideaways built with domed, thatched roofs were designed by the Johannesburg-based architectural firm Nicholas Plewman Architects with the explicit purpose of miming the rounded shapes of the hills and paying homage to traditional Rwandan building methods. Each of the six homes in this compound boast a private patio, fireplace, bedroom with a large window, and luxurious bath for hours of relaxation and rest. But more compelling than just the homes in the lush jungle full of wildlife surrounding them, staff at the lodge regularly take visitors out to the private and untouched surroundings to encounter everything from gorillas to exotic insects.

Book: $1,100+/night

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