Auction Block: 1965 Ford GT 40 Roadster

Ask any car collector and they’ll tell you just how valuable a Ford GT40 would be to their collection. Ask that same individual about the GT40 shown here – known as the GT40 Roadster – and they’ll swear they just saw a ghost. If that doesn’t help you understand the rare nature of this vehicle then try the number 1 on for size. That’s because this is only GT40 Roadster of its kind that exists to this day.

In fact, only 6 prototypes were ever built back in October of 1964 and this is the only one to survive after all these years in original condition. That means, of course, it’s still equipped with a Ford 289 cubic inch engine that’s fitted with Weber carbs and a Colotti four-speed gearbox. It also rides atop Borrani wire wheels wrapped in Goodyear tires and was painted that handsome white and blue paint job you see before your eyes back in 1965. The best part? It’s now slated to be sold for the price of a small fortune we’re sure.

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