Arcgency Krane Residence

Jane Jacobs’ dictum that, ‘new ideas need old buildings’ is hard to argue with. But after looking at Arcgency’s Krane project, it’s hard not to amend that turn of phrase into something more broad; new ideas need old spaces.

This three-story building in Copenhagen’s harbor was built into the skeleton of an old, unused industrial crane. For how unsuitable the initial structure was, it is really impressive how much living space was fit into this old structure. On the first floor (after climbing up a steep set of stairs) residents have access to a large, glass-walled meeting room. On the second level, Arcgency included a large spa with two baths, a shower, and an outdoor terrace. Topping the entire operation off is a small but comfortable living area. Measuring in at 538 square feet, it includes a dining table, kitchenette, and large double bed with views out over the harbor.

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