Alpha Centauri Hydroplane

Personal watercraft will never be able to match the speed of airborne or land-based vehicles – friction and physics just wont allow for it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go fast and look good while doing it. Case in point: the Alpha Centauri Hydroplane.

Powered by a 9.5-liter Chevy V8 engine, this bad boy is loaded with 750 horsepower which, when properly applied, will get you carving across any liquid surface at speeds up to 60 knots – that’s roughly 69 mph. Sure, it doesn’t sound quick, but get out on the open ocean at that speed and you’ll realize how fast it actually feels. A part of the reason it can get up to those speeds is because of its construction. The Alpha Centauri is actually built with a stainless steel frame wrapped in a lightweight composite shell, giving it a total displacement of only 1,650 kgs – shockingly light for an 8.3 meter high-tech power-yacht. Oh yeah, did we mention that the inside features leather-lined bucket seats, a sound system, and Raymarine navigation? Well, it does.

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