Saint Unbreakable Motorcycle Jacket

If you ride a motorcycle, chances are you’re going to take a spill or two. And, since bike accidents tend to be pretty damaging, shouldn’t you want to be as protected as possible? Well, with Saint’s Unbreakable Black Coated Jacket you can have plenty of protection while still getting plenty of style out of the deal, as well.

The secret to this jacket is that the denim is created from a combination of 66% Dyneema – a material that’s 15x stronger than carbon steel – and 34% cotton. That means it’s lightweight enough to be worn on warmer days, but it still offers an incredible amount of protection. In fact, the brand claims that this is the strongest denim in the world and found, via European Motorcycle standards tests, it can survive up to a 45 meter slide – a length at which normal denim just gets completely shredded. For the record, that makes it about 133x tougher than standard denim. This handsome protective jacket retails for $500; how much is your safety worth?

Purchase: $500

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