Royal Navy Helicopter Hotel

Stirling, Scotland is where people go to get away. The town in the southern part of the country looks like something you’d find on a postcard. It has rolling farmland, nice local shops, and even an ancient castle to visit. This last year, however, the town got a completely different type of attraction; the Helicopter Hotel.

This decommissioned Royal Navy ZA127 Sea King Helicopter has been totally refurbished to sleep a family of five, and even features a kitchenette and working bathroom. The interior of the helicopter has been fitted with wood cladding – almost reminiscent of the hull of a boat – as well as doors and extra windows. Yet, aside from the creature comforts on the inside of the helicopter, not much has changed. The exterior was repainted its original color, new rotors were put on the top and rear of the aircraft, and the flight-deck was kept in-tact. Where pilots once sat, there are now two swivel chairs and a table – ideal for sitting in and enjoying the views of the surrounding farmland. Most impressive, however, is the lighting. All of the Sea King’s lights were preserved or restored to give the helicopter the look of preparing to take-off at night. All things said, this room blows all of those quaint bed-and-breakfasts out of the water.

Book: $193+/night

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