Paralenz Dive Camera

Cameras are ubiquitous these days. They’re on our phones, they’re attached to our bike helmets, and they’re even flying around above our heads. As a result – it can sometimes be hard to get excited about some new rugged camera. The Paralenz Dive Camera, however, is an exception.

This housing free action camera is the first of its kind. Engineered specifically for divers, it can capture 4K video non-stop for up to 2 hours at depths of up to 656 feet. In addition to capturing video, it can also snap high quality images and automatically color-correct both footage and stills. And as if all of this wasn’t enough to start – the camera also functions as a dive tracker. When synched to your smartphone, Paralenz reads out things like your depth, underwater time, and average water temperature. As far as operation goes, the camera is intentionally designed to be simple and easy to use so divers can focus on what is in front of them rather than how to capture it.

Purchase: $600

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