Lazareth Moke Amphibie

The French motor company Lazareth is best known for their insanely overpowered motorcycles. Looking more like super-car engines with wheels than bikes, the brand has always had a kind of penchant for ‘shock and awe’. So it almost goes without saying – we were a little surprised to learn that Lazareth was rolling out their own modified ‘Moke Amphibie’.

Far from looking like a ‘roided out motorcycle from the future, this little amphibious vehicle is almost cute in comparison. It features a small single cylinder 400cc Euro 4 engine that can take its light aluminum body up to 55mph when on the road. What makes it noteworthy, however, is the fact that it can drive right out into a body of water and act as a boat. All drivers need to do is hit a switch on the dash to transfer the power wheels to the propeller at the back of the engine. Of course, because creating an amphibious vehicle just isn’t enough for Lazareth, the car also features a 4-wheel drive. Check out the super corny video below to see it in action.

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