HuskeeCup Coffee Cups

We’re suckers for good design. Even the slightest update on the most pedestrian object will get us more excited than is probably warranted. Take the HuskeeCup for example.

This coffee cup is full of simple but elegant solutions that make your morning drink that much more enjoyable. First are the fins along the side of the cups (they come in 6, 8, and 12 ounce sizes). These allow coffee lovers to grab their sans-handled cup without worrying about being burned. This feature also makes it easier to stack in your own kitchen or at cafes after washing. Secondly, the bottom of the cup features a drainage system that prevents the pooling of water during runs through your dishwasher. And last, but farm from least, these are made completely from up-cycled parchment husk from coffee beans. The otherwise unused byproduct of the coffee process, this husk makes for a tough ceramic alternative that retains heat and resists chipping and cracking.

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