Extreme Tornado Tours

In the same way that some reflexively pull out their phone to photograph stunning sunsets or rainbows, others find themselves drawn to nature’s less agreeable side. For those who prefer hail to sunsets, and tornados to cloudless days – there are Extreme Tornado Tours.

Starting out in both Denver, Colorado and Oklahoma City, these tours promise to take tourists right into some of the most sever storms in the U.S. Run by the same man who helmed the team that was the focus of Discovery Channel show Storm Chasers, these tours run anywhere between a week to ten days long. Each van is equipped with weather instruments for tracking down storms, as well as quality video equipment for capturing their intensity. Cost of entry includes lodging, a guaranteed seat with a view, and an up-close and personal experience with mother nature‚Äôs most powerful storms. Just be sure to watch out for the flying cattle…and giant hail.

Purchase: $2,700

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