Aston Martin Valkyrie

Last year, we were teased with images of the Aston Martin & Red Bull hypercar collaboration – dubbed the AM-RB001. Now, we’ve been introduced to the road-ready (yes, that means street-legal) version of the ride. Looking fresh out of Bruce Wayne’s private collection, Aston Martin introduces the menacing Valkyrie hypercar.

It’s all thanks to Red Bull Racing aerodynamicist Adrian Newey who was able to fabricate a wild underbody setup for the Valkyrie – featuring huge full-length Venturi tunnels that run on either side of the cockpit floor designed to draw in huge quantities of air beneath the car to feed the rear carbon fiber diffuser. The result is an extraordinary level of downforce (1.8 tons to be exact) while keeping the upper body surfaces free and clear from any external spoilers. The headlights are striking as well, composed of anodized aluminum frames that are 40 percent lighter than the lightest production headlamps Aston Martin has to offer. Additionally, the interior of the ride now adopts the “feet-up” position from contemporary Formula 1 cars with all switchgear located on the steering wheel to minimize distracted driving – which is probably a good thing considering the power behind this ride that’s set for production in 2018.

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