2020 Ford Bronco 4-Door Concept

About a year and a half ago, the folks at the Bronco6G forum released some killer images of what they think the next Ford Bronco should look like. And, frankly, they nailed it. So, when the time came for them to release another flurry of rendering of a 4-door version of that same base vehicle, we were understandably excited.

This time around, they’ve taken it upon themselves to give us a peek at the back end and a bit of the top of this awesome concept, which gives us a much better idea of their vision and their take on the actual Ford Bronco’s expected “Air Roof” feature. They also wanted to display the SUVs rugged capabilities outside of an urban setting, so this version features beefy off-road tires and a 3-inch lift. With any luck, Ford will take heed of these beautiful dream-vehicle renderings and apply some of the ideas to their upcoming release.

Learn More: Bronco6G

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