ROST Coffee Roaster

A lot of attention gets paid to baristas, but the real maestros of the coffee world are the craft roasters. They control how the flavor inherent in each coffee bean expresses itself in a cup (when brewed properly). Now, thanks to the ROST Coffee Roaster, you can try your hand at the difficult but incredibly rewarding task of roasting your own coffee beans.

Aside from its incredibly attractive design, what makes the ROST so special is just how capable it is. Usually, with smaller sample roasters, you simply don’t have much room to fine tune your roast. They’re like blunt instruments. But with the 100 gram ROST, you can use the touch screen and nob to adjust things like roast time and heat to get your ideal profile. Already know what kind of roast you want? You can set the roaster to manual after the first crack. Whatever approach you take, it can all be tracked and adjusted down to the degree using ROST’s proprietary software that synchs up with a tablet, laptop, or phone. Who needs fancy coffee shops when you have this?

Purchase: $5,500

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