NakeFit Stick-On Shoes

Going flip-flop free comes with a cost. Hot pavement, scorching sand, and slippery poolsides can turn a nice afternoon into a painful one. This summer, however, is going to be different thanks to NakeFit Stick On Shoes.

Coming in packs of ten, these single-use hypoallergenic adhesive pads add a layer of protection to the bottom of your feet. This means you can fully enjoy your walks in the park and days out on the beach without feeling like you’re going to burn your feet off. To apply, all you have to do is remove the adhesive backing on the shoes and press them against the bottom of your foot. Want to jump in the pool? Go for it. Nakefit has been engineered to stay on your feet even when under water. Calling it a day and heading in from the heat? These hyper minimalist summer shoes pull right off without any hassle.

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