Solar Egg Sauna

You know that fresh, new feeling you get after stepping out of a solid half-hour session in a sauna? Well, architectural studio Bigert and Bergström have taken that sensation and given it a literal form with the Solar Egg Sauna.

According to B&B this whole project is intended to prompt discussion as well as a sense of calm and rejuvenation for the northern Swedish mining town Kiruna. The region is currently undergoing a serious change – moving much of its population to sustain the growth of a nationally important mine. Understandably, the changes being imposed are causing consternation and harsh debate among those living in and around Kiruna. The designers behind the project intend for this 16 foot tall sauna, made of pine wood and featuring gold plated steel exterior, to be a venue for a more constructive dialogue. Thanks to an interior that can sit up to 8 people and a large cast iron wood burning stove at the center shaped like a heart, it might just work.

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