SNOOZ White Noise Machine

Sometimes a little peace and quiet aren’t what some require to fall asleep at night. And for those individuals, there’s no better lullaby than a little white noise to help them concentrate on dropping out for the night. Luckily, there’s the SNOOZ, offering the peaceful white noise of a fan without the blowing air.

Don’t be alarmed if this sounds strange. Simply put, SNOOZ uses a real fan inside the portable device but doesn’t actually blow any annoying air in your face or across the room while you sleep. Instead, what you get is legit, all natural white noise without a looping track for your sleeping enjoyment. Choose from any one of their fully adjustable settings from a light fan sound to deep fan drone, all adjustable from the convenience of your smartphone thanks to SNOOZ’s personal app. Perfect for hotels rooms, dealing with loud neighbors, or muffling out street noise and snoring. Welcome to sleep heaven.

Purchase: $79

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