Marauder Mine-Proof Armored Vehicle

If you’ve ever seen any modern military movie, then you’ve probably seen a vehicle (usually a tank) put out of commission with a single frag grenade rolled underneath it. It’s a pretty common trope because, typically, the underbelly is the weakest part of any military vehicle. Except for the Marauder – this beastly APC offers a literal 360-degrees of ordinance protection, including its belly.

And we don’t mean just a single frag grenade, either. The underside of the Marauder can withstand an explosion from over 17 pounds of TNT anywhere under the hull and over 30 pounds under each wheel – making it virtually mine-proof. Pair that with the fact that it’s also got 290 brake-horsepower, a top speed of 70 mph, and can produce over 811 foot-pounds of torque and that puts it high up on the list of most capable armored vehicles ever made (if not squarely at the top). It helps that it can also accomodate a crew of two plus eight fully-equipped soldiers; can be equipped to carry extra fuel tanks, water, and/or combat supplies; and has the option for sensor upgrades – including night vision devices. All told, this monster can carry a payload of nearly 10,000 pounds. The Marauder is about as formidable as APCs get.

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