Elextra Electric Supercar

Go ahead and take what you already assume about all electric cars and chuck those assumptions out the window. It’s time to reimagine where this fruitful future will lead us. With that said, if the Elextra Supercar is any indication of where we’re heading, then we can only hope they have room for us to tag along as well.

Combining expert levels of engineering and craftsmanship in both the power plant and design, this four-door four-seater does 0-62mph in less than 2.3 seconds. Yes, you read that correctly. Designed in Switzerland and built in Germany, the Elextra is hoping to redefine the supercar with this release. And not only is this ride lightening quick – boasting a top speed of 155mph – but it’s also incredibly lightweight thanks to a carbon fiber tub and carbon fiber body shell. The reduction in weight, combined with a dual motor electric drivetrain delivering upwards of 680hp provides this electric supercar with an impressive 373 miles of range per charge. Pricing on this vehicle has yet to be released, so you best stay up to date if interested since the company doesn’t plan on building more than 100 of these impressive machines.

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