Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Coffee snobs are stuck between a rock and hard place when it comes to getting their caffeine fix on a backpacking trip. Whipping up a pour-over coffee takes too much time, but on the other hand most instant coffee taste like trash. Thankfully for all of us, Alpine Start is here with a new special Premium Instant Coffee.

Unlike other low quality instant coffees, these pre-ground packets of joe are made from medium roast Arabica beans that hold more flavor and character than your common brand does. This means you can have both the quality you want and the convenience you need in one small package. Don’t really feel like turning on the stove in the morning? No worries. This instant coffee can be brewed up using either hot or cold water. While the price here isn’t the point, it also doesn’t hurt that this higher quality version of instant coffee only goes for about a┬ádollar a pop.

Purchase: $9

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