2017 eMoke Electric Beach Buggy

Based on the Mini, the British Motor Corporation’s Moke was originally intended to be a light military vehicle – like the Jeep. But, it’s low ground clearance didn’t mesh well for off-road use. Instead, it was sold in the 1960s as a low-cost easy-to-maintain consumer vehicle and acquired a cult fandom amongst beach-goers around the world. Well now, that classic vehicle is being revived – but with a few modern upgrades.

Stylistically, the 2017 eMoke draws heavily from the original – featuring a low ground clearance, four seats, a soft top, and a lightweight body. But, this new version comes with an all-electric engine, making it an environmentally-friendly summer cruiser. It will have a top speed of just 25 mph and a range of only 40 miles per charge, but it’s intended use (as a golf cart or beach buggy) calls for nothing more. Other upgrades include a larger interior with weatherproof upholstery, an upgraded sound system with the option for a USB port, and you can swap out the standard battery for a lithium that’ll give you a 90-mile range. The brand will even be releasing a gas-powered version that is said to hit speeds of up to 65 mph. The 2017 Mokes will be headed out to the shore this summer at a starting price of $15,950.

Purchase: $15,950+

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