Royal Enfield Bullet 350 by Thrive Motorcycles

From the looks of this interesting take on a Royal Enfield Bullet 350, it’s clear that Indonesia has more to offer than beaches and tropical retreats. This ride, referred to a “Moltar,” comes straight from the crew over at Jakarta-based Thrive Motorcycles. And with sandy beaches, underdeveloped backcountry and muddy roads the norm in the more rural parts of the country, building this scrambler was something of a no-brainer for these guys.

Basically what Thrive did here was compact the Bullet 350 down into a more enjoyable and fun-sized bike that you could beat up without feeling guilty. The stock tank was kept but the crew worked to size this thing down a bit. “Moltar” also received a new elevated stainless steel exhaust system, a reworked subframe, oxblood leather seat, LED taillight in the rear, ducktail finishing, new grips, an aftermarket throttle, and a Daytona air filter. Finally, a pair of YSS shocks, Shinko off-road tires, and a high front fender and skid plate complete the package with authority. Perfect for on-road, off-road cruising wouldn’t you say? [H/T: BikeExif]

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