Ray-Ban Blaze Shooter

In preparation for the coming summer season, Ray-Ban has been updating and re-releasing some of their more classic frames onto the market. While most boast only a slight update in the style, the Blaze Shooter has gotten a much more substantial reworking of its classic aviator look.

This revived pair of shades eschews the old school teardrop lenses in favor of one that sits over the top of the frame and sports a hole right along the nose. And while the lens design is substantially different, the frame itself hasn’t changed much – still boasting the oversized look with the bar along the top. While these differences may be worth noting, it is important to say that the effect these have are still the same. They’re big, they make a statement, and they look great in the summer sun. You can get yourself a pair of these sunglasses in one of six different colors.

Purchase: $195

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