Modpools Shipping Container Pools

Shipping containers, the under appreciated backbone of global trade, have been turned into just about everything; cabinets, pop-up shops, and even homes. So it should come as no surprise that somebody has started a business dedicated to creating shipping container pools.

This clever addition to your backyard is more than just on-trend. Thanks to its self contained design, it is both easy to set up and simple move. More than just a giant steel box filled with water, Modpools also include temperature jets that can be controlled via smartphone, and a divider that turns part of the 8 x 20 foot container into a hot tub. Want a little bit of natural light while lazing around in the summer heat? Modpools can modify the pool to include a window along the side. All things said, these things are so capable and good looking it actually has left us wondering why it is anyone would bother digging a hole and filling it with cement.

Purchase: $26,900

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