Lunar Table By Jesse Ede

Unless it is somehow connected to your profession, it isn’t likely that a table will stop you in your tracks. The Lunar Table by Jesse Ede, however, is one of those few that will.

Built to evoke a kind of interstellar landscape and feel, Cape-Town based designer, maker, craftsman, and artist Jesse Ede made this table from molten aluminum and a large slate shard pulled from a quarry. Once Elde and his team selected the perfect rock, they cut the base down with a diamond saw, and went about fitting it with a wooden collar. Slowly and methodically the team melted aluminum, and then poured the molten goo onto the wooden surface surrounding the top portion of the rock. After waiting for the metal to cool and solidify, the team then pulled off the wooden guides to reveal a seemingly gravity defying tabletop full of character. The grey and textured character of the aluminum evokes the moon’s surface, and even brings to mind the celestial rings that rotate around some planets in our solar system. No word on if it is for sale, but you can visit Jesse Ede’s site to see more of his work.

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