Bridgestone Air-Free Bicycle Tires

We’ve all been there. You’re on a long ride and somehow – whether by pothole or shard of glass – you get a flat. Bridgestone is looking to make that impossible with their Air-Free Bicycle Tires.

This idea isn’t new for the Tokyo based tire company. Back in 2013 they rolled out an air-free car tire concept, but we didn’t really see or hear much word of it afterwards up until now. The tire company claims that this new tire makes use of special thermoplastic resins that make for an all around more efficient wheel while maintaining a smooth ride. And, to top it off, the wheel is made from entirely recycled materials. Who knows whether this tire will ride well, or if these air-free concepts will really ever take hold on the market place. Either way, it sure is fun to watch a bunch of engineers literally try and reinvent the wheel.

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