Blue Lagoon Moss Hotel In Iceland

It’s said that bathing in hot springs is good for your body, mind, and soul. And nowhere are the hot springs better than Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. Unfortunately, it can be kind of a trek for some to travel from their hotel in the capital city of Reykjavik out to these healing waters. Of course, if you’re worried about that you could always just stay right on top of the hot springs at the new Moss Hotel.

We aren’t being hyperbolic when we say you can stay on top of the springs. In fact, we are being entirely literal. This hotel’s rooms open up right to the waters of the Blue Lagoon so you can hop out of bed, throw on your trunks, and immediately hop right in. On top of the easy access to the springs, the rooms offer floor to ceiling windows for a view of the moss-covered lava flow dating back to the year 1226 and they’re powered by sustainable energy. And if you’re looking for even more serenity than that, the hotel also has a hidden subterranean spa called Lava Cove. Pricing for a night’s stay starts at around $1,190.

Book: $1,190+

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