2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Shackleton Edition

It has been over 100 years since Sir Earnest Shackleton failed to achieve his goal of crossing the Antarctic. But now, with the help of Hyundai’s slightly modified Santa Fe – his very own great grandson has accomplished the task.

For the most part, Hyundai was able to accomplish this task while leaving the 2.2 diesel motor untouched for the most part – full interior in tact, no roll cage, and only a handful of minor upgrades. The vehicle was outfitted low pressure tires, and added a new suspension system. To better deal with the amount of torque involved in turning those large tires, the engineering team also added some gear hubs on the wheels. Finally, to protect the engine from the cold, the car was also given a pre-heater. Hyundai’s Santa Fe was then adorned with the signatures and notes from all of the members of the original crew, and then driven 20 hours a day for 30 straight days across the 3,600-mile tundra until the team hit their final destination, McMurdo Sound.

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