Skull Gas Fireplace Logs

If you are among the people who think that Halloween is about 364 days too short, then these Skull Gas Fireplace Logs are for you.

Made from reinforced steel coated with lave granules and the same fireproof ceramic that NASA uses to test rocket engines, these skulls are designed to live their second life out engulfed in flames. Measuring between 8 and 9 inches in diameter, you can easily plop a few of these handsome guys into your natural gas or propane fireplace or outdoor pit. And we know what you are thinking – these aren’t just some gimmicky skulls that will disintegrate after a few months of use. Made right here in the USA by a family run shop, the hand built skulls come with a limited lifetime warranty and are certified through Omni Testing Labs up in Portland, Oregon. Get your own little bit of Hades for $65.

Purchase: $65

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