iPhone 7 Plus Retro by Colorware

New is overrated. Or at least that seems to be the working theory behind the iPhone 7 Plus Retro by Colorware.

A follow up to the Minnesotan company’s retro Macbook and 27 inch iMac, this limited edition treatment gives the newest 256 GB iPhone the same beige retro stylings of the IIe computer. Whether you just have a thing for owning rare models, or were an early adopter of Macintosh, this phone is sure to please. Each of the only 25 being made will sport painted on ‘air vents’ and the classic Apple rainbow logo in place of the metallic one you’d usually find on the back of the device. No worries about the fact that the upcoming iPhone is only months away from being released because retro is cool now, right? If you want to get your hands on one of these better act fast, prices are set at the sky high rate of $1,900. [Purchase]

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