Porsche 911 Carrera ‘Safari’ Rally Car

We all know the Porsche 911 Carrera can hold its own on the asphalt, tearing through winding mountains roads with a sort of precision only a habitual Porsche driver would understand. And while the roads up in Madison, WI may not be mountainous, they do get covered with copious amounts of snow and ice for several months out of the year. So what’s a Porsche owner to do? Well, one concerned party had the good folk over at Kelly-Moss Road & Race take care of his ride.

Everything you see here is built atop a 1989 Porsche 91/964 Carrera, beginning with the wheels and tires. After some deliberation, they decided upon a set of custom Braid wheels wrapped within some Pirelli PZero rally tires. Next was to cut the fenders and panels to fit these oversized tires. They also equipped the vehicle with some bolted on front and rear flares, reinforced suspension arms, armored front and rear bumpers, some hard-to-miss LED lights up front and around the perimeter of the car, tow hooks in the rear, and a rear hand brake. Ready for the rally no doubt, or simply another brutal Midwest winter.

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