Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack

Running with a backpack sucks. Everyone knows this. Whether it be a big book bag or a petite hydration pack – as soon as you get to hustling they flop around like crazy. When Cotopaxi went about designing their Veloz Hydration Pack, however, they challenged themselves to avoid this design pitfall.

By our estimation they’ve succeeded – and then some. Their hydration pack is first and foremost optimized for movement. The unisex harness on the bag is completely integrated into the rest of the pack. This means that when you slide the Veloz on and connect the straps at the chest, the bag’s breathable air mesh panel will stay flush against your back. No matter where you are or what you are doing – you can haul your 2 liter reservoir and extra fuel around (the pack has either a 3 or 6 liter dry storage capacity depending on which size you purchase) without that annoying bouncing. Not only does that free you up to focus on what matters – but it means that you won’t develop rashes, hot spots, or sore shoulders even after your longest runs. When these hit retail you can expect them to start at $120. [Purchase]

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